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We’re building LinkedIn for emerging professionals, starting in the US and also in the UK.

We’re also focusing on technology-oriented careers.

But let us be clear, this does not strictly mean for super technical people like engineers or data scientists. If you’re working with digital design, we’re for you. If you’re expanding your skills with Microsoft or Adobe tools, we’re for you. If you’re taking technical sales training, we’re still for you.

Endevr is focusing on two main things: Emerging Professionals (think: entry to mid-level positions, and recent grads), and Technology (as a vertical, not industry).

But don’t let…

You’ve heard of the “Great Resignation” or “Great Rehiring”, right? If not, allow us to point to the 50M+ early professionals in the U.S. (Gen Z & Millennial) who are either highly considering a career change or already have started the change.

Endevr is working on some updates that are adapting to the Great Resignation and Rehiring, and we’re launching them by January. We sat down with Chris Heine of Cheine Productions for a conversation about this revolution in education.

We’ve made some edits to the transcript for clearer reading, although you will be reading just that — a transcript…

[edited from ‘20 school year]

What a past year+ it has been. The kind of year that … Well, there’s hardly anything we can compare it to. Allow us to applaud all students, educators, and administration for jumping back into the school year with so much chaos happening around us. Many of you aren’t so happy with it even happening to begin with, and that is very understandable. We also know schools vary by county and state, so rules apply differently and we’ll get into that briefly. But regardless of where the needle is on the spectrum, educators are amongst…

In this week’s topic on job applications, we’re going to focus on the student. There are a few significant things to know when it comes to writing a resume and the effectiveness it must have on an employer. For some, writing a resume can be a daunting task and it can feel dry. We hope by the end of this blog, you’ll have a grasp on how to effectively write a resume with such ease that it doesn’t feel dry, rather enjoyable.

The job hunt can be a stressful and unfamiliar journey for most students early in their search, so…

As a team of educators who have recently been students, we understand the importance and value of work-based learning activities. And it’s not only WBL (work-based learning) — also internships, co-ops, apprenticeships, so on and so forth. We like to label all of these programs under the “Experiential Learning” category. It’s these programs that are driving student success rates north and failure rates south.

For the sake of this blog, we’ll focus on the WBL, although the other styles of programs are also directly related to the content we’re about to discuss. There are quite a few benefits to work-based…

We get it, not all companies are thinking to themselves right now, “A student employee is exactly what I need during this pandemic recovery.”

But what if we told you that they aren’t just all avocados and TikTok? What if we told you TikTok might even be the answer to your digital advertising needs to reach new customers and it’s a student who will solve this for you? Curveball, huh?

There are tons of value-adds to hiring students onto your company. Whether you’re nonprofit or for-profit, in healthcare or tech, are suffering from this pandemic or thriving, this article is…

Get your drum rolls ready! Endevr is officially launching this week!

Well, I guess you can say launching to the public … but still in somewhat of a beta. We actually went live last week (on the 24th to be precise), but we’ve been working through some initial user acceptance testing and inevitably resolving some initial bugs.

Bugs, much like finding ants at 5th-graders outdoor summer birthday parties, are also inevitable when launching new software.

[Yes, even Steve and Woz had some issues.]

And some of these bugs that we’ve resolved are some that we needed to resolve before releasing…

Let’s talk South Florida career opportunities in our tech ecosystem. It’s no secret that cities like Miami, West Palm Beach, and Tampa have been making headlines during and now after the pandemic. For n reasons alike and unalike, each city and its surrounding regions have played a vital role in the stability of Florida as a state and South Florida as an ecosystem.

And that’s what we’re going to focus on in this article: the South Florida ecosystem, mostly regarding the availability of career opportunities stemming from the massive growth of tech companies and startups.

MedTech/HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, and many…


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